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Are You New To Content Writing? 5 Tools for Your Assistance

5 amazing content writing tools

Before computers and laptops, people used to write on typewriters, and even before that, there was just a paper and pen to write down ideas.

So, the problem was that people didn’t have any idea if they were making any mistakes in the content.

And then came these online writing tools that helped every writer to make the lines easy to read and eliminate the mistakes from the content.

Not only this, but these tools also help in detecting the copied content from the lines to increase its authenticity.

So, new writers who want to polish their skills can get help from online tools. These writing tools will help them in making the lines more attractive and engaging for the readers.

There is a list of writing tools that one can get on the search engine. But we will not discuss all of them.

Instead, we will talk about those tools that are actually helpful for new writers to enhance their skills. But before that, let’s have a look at the importance of these tools for new writers.

How Online Tools Can Provide Assistance to New Writers?

So, the question that arises in the mind of every person is how these tools can be helpful in writing the content. And the answer is quite simple.

If you make any mistake in the content while writing the article, it would be very difficult for you to figure out the mistake. And even though, if you start reading the blog to detect the faults, it would take a lot of time.

But online tools on the other hand help you spot every single error present in the content; either it is about punctuation, fluency, plagiarism, or something else.

You just have to click on the highlighted part and remove that issue from the content. It will not only help in making the lines fluent but also increase the authenticity of the content.

5 Effective Tools to Help You With Content Writing

The list of online writing tools is very long and each of them has its own work. But you need to know about the most important tools that can be useful to polish the content and make it more effective.

Let’s have a look at these online tools and discuss them in detail:

1. Online Notepad

To start writing the content, one thing that you need to consider is using a recommended online notepad. The reason is that you can keep the lines in a flow and write the content following a proper pattern.

This tool offers a lot of features that can help you eliminate the mistakes from the content and make it easy to read for the audience.

You can add headings and subheadings in the content as well as use multiple styles of text in the lines. So, the article becomes more interesting to read for the audience.

Although the notepad present in the device also allows you to write blogs, the online notepad offers more benefits in the end.

You can check out the total number of words and characters along with the number of lines in the content. This element helps in controlling the length of the content.

One best benefits that you can get from the online notepad is that it can be used in multiple languages. So, people from all over the world can use it for writing content.

After completing the work, you can directly save the content on your device by clicking on the download button. The files can be saved in multiple documents like Docx, PDF, Txt, etc.

2. Online Rephraser

Many writers, who have to write the content multiple times on the same topic often get fed up at one stage. And they start using the same lines in the content to cover the topic.

This element not only damages the professional career of the writer but also reduces the authenticity of the content of the writer.

To avoid this trouble and get multiple versions of a single article, the easiest way is to go for an online rephraser.

This tool allows you to recreate the already written articles in a unique way without disturbing the actual meaning.

When you upload the content in this AI tool, it reads the entire content and rephrases it to make changes in the best possible way.

Since the online paraphraser has a huge synonym library, it replaces the words with their alternatives to make it more engaging for the audience.

So, the chances of plagiarism get very low with this online tool. You can get a new version of the article with the help of an online writing tool.

3. Grammar Checker

While writing the articles in a flow, you may make grammatical errors in the text that could disturb the fluency of the lines.

So, it is quite important for the writers to eliminate the mistakes from the content and make it easy to read for the audience.

An online grammar checker tool can be a handy option for you as it detects all the punctuation errors from the content and highlights them.

This can’t be easy for writers to figure out such mistakes manually, therefore, you must consider a good punctuation checker tool to increase the fluency of the text.

The best element of an online grammar checker is that it also checks such lines that need improvement. So, you can work on those lines to increase the worth of the content and make it more engaging for the audience.

Therefore, you must check the grammar of the article before publishing it on the website and make the lines easily readable for everyone.

4. Plagiarism Detector

Imagine you are spending hours writing the articles and making them informative for the audience. But in the end, you don’t get ranked because of the plagiarism factor.

This will not only result in wasting the time and effort but also punch the authenticity of the site. So, you need to be careful before uploading the content to the search engine.

Detecting the plagiarized lines manually in the content is very difficult. The reason is that you can’t check every single line on the search engine.

So, the best way is to get an online plagiarism checker that helps in figuring out the copied lines from the content.

When you upload the content in this online tool, it checks every single line on the search engine and matches them with other sources. If a text gets matched with any other site, it gets highlighted.

Moreover, the tool also provides the source of information from where the content is being copied.

You can remove those plagiarized lines from the blog and increase the percentage of uniqueness in the content.

5. AI Writer

If you are new to the writing field, there are chances that you may face problems in starting the content and giving it a proper structure that can engage the readers on the page.

Although you may have multiple ideas on the topic that they can present in the article, the problem you face is while conveying the message.

So, the possible best solution for this problem is to get assistance from an AI writing tool and get the articles from there.

Here you can also learn about structuring the articles and making them unique and informative for the readers.

The work of an AI writer is very simple. You just have to upload the main keyword or topic title there and give command of the article type, i.e. informative, casual, descriptive, formal, argumentative, or any else.

After providing the information in the required fields, click on the generate button and this tool will provide you with a new version of the article that will look like a human-written article.

The best thing about this online tool is that it ensures to keep the lines according to the title and avoids irrelevant ideas in the content.

Final Verdict

Those writers who are new to the field and want to improve their skills must give try online tools as they can be a great assistance for them.

These tools figure out the mistake in your writing and help you make the content informative for the readers. Moreover, you can also increase the fluency of the content using online writing assistance tools.

Here we have discussed the best online writing tools that new writers need to use for enhancing their writing skills. Hope you will like these tools and will get betterment writing style by using them.



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