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5 Essential Marketing Concepts You Must Know

5 essential marketing concepts

Marketing is an irrefutably tricky business. In today’s highly competitive world, marketing sits across every function of a business, and it’s not just all the way down to “The Marketing Department”.

For new brands simply getting down to the long path of client maintenance and corporate identity, the entire business of marketing can feel overwhelming with insider tricks and mind-whirling jargons.

In some cases, when figuring out how to deal with ROI and CPC, the main exercises get disregarded. The marketing industry is continually changing. From fresh methods and strategies to emerging trends, there’s always something new to learn.

Here, we’ve gathered the top 5 critical marketing concepts for every business. Acknowledge these ideas; they’re the keys to transforming your brand.

Copy And Design Are Your New Best Friends

Engaging stories start with solid brand identities, and solid brand identities start with copywriters and graphic designers. Professional content writers and designers understand the DNA of creative footprint.

They know why and how consumers respond to fonts, pictures, and even specific words. They know the way to spin a tagline into this year’s buzz phrase and switch a logo into an instantly recognizable image. You build the product, but creatives make it shine.

Let’s outline this with a hypothetical test. Assume you were on the lookout for a new sofa and chose to pursue a couple of sites to track down the most ideal choice. You’ve limited it down to two options: Website ‘A’ highlights an effective logo, instinctive design, and straightforward yet passionate slogan, and Website ‘B’ is packed with stock photography, inadequately composed content, and a troublesome perusing framework.

Regardless of whether the two destinations offered a similar sofa set at a similar cost, most purchasers would incline toward Website A. It feels sound and credible, and the second feels untrustworthy. Also, Website A’s punchy logo could stick in a client’s memory and ultimately also drive repeat business.

Story Matters

Increasing digital interactions every second has made it even harder for consumers to feel genuinely connected to brands. The second you enter the marketing universe, the success of your brand depends upon the emotional connection you build.

We are no longer living in an amazing product that will speak for itself. To give your brand the voice it requires to flourish, you need to emphasize the story only you can tell. Authentic and transparent storytelling allows companies to tap into the basic human love of stories and connects the brand to the customers using narrative.

What makes your product connect to customers? How will they feel when they use it? Think of your audience like close friends and give them relatable content to make them invest their emotional energy. Remember, people always react to stories that evoke relatable feelings.

Social Media Is The New Billboard

Social media is by far the most affordable and most direct way to reach a world of prospective customers. It’s the place where your whole buyer base hangs out, shares stories, and interacts with the world. It’s not, however, a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Any brand can put their name on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest and hope that someone sees it; but it’s how you use these tools that truly counts.

Social media campaigns like “ShotOniPhone” by Apple, “Wrapped” by Spotify, “RealBeauty” by Dove are all real-life examples of giants also putting efforts to generate authentic, engaging, brand image-focused content.

Social media is all about time and effort, you have to provide content that’s valuable, shareable, and engaging regularly. Remember, social media isn’t a stand-alone tool, but it is everywhere and is powerful. Using it right can be the game-changer for your brand’s success.

Good Strategies Don’t Happen In A Vacuum

While “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” as quoted by Oscar Wilde, inspiration is critical for creativity. The best marketers always spend some time analyzing the strategies of their favorite brands. What are they doing? What makes them exciting? What are they doing right? Where are they most impactful?

Anything that sparks an idea is fair play to the point you aren’t stealing another brand’s campaign piece for piece. Similarly, some of the most effective ideas come from unexpected sources. Talk to some kids in the neighborhood, chat up with your park grandpa, or pick your accountant’s brain. Listening genuinely is the first step to doing well in marketing.

Eliminate The Guesswork And Start Testing

Anyone can launch brand campaigns and hope it does well but true marketers know the power of testing your concepts and how crucial it is to get the best possible results. If you don’t have campaign insights, you don’t know which campaign to prioritize over others. Not knowing all this will only end up costing your time, energy, and money.

You try A/B tests at every step of your content marketing to know what works best for your brand. Using multivariate testing to know what works effectively for your audience will help you get more finely tuned results.

From email marketing campaigns to social media campaigns, it’s possible to evaluate every element. Testing strategies today are not limited to just analytics. Also, testing isn’t a one-time affair. Testing has to be done consistently at regular intervals.


Marketing ultimately is all about fun, time, and effort. Successful marketing is all about being passionate about the campaigns you run. Approaching ideas with curiosity and playfulness. If you and your team are truly engaged in doing what you do, your customers are also bound to feel a sense of connection.

Author Bio:- Hetvi works as a Product Associate at Refrens.com – India’s most powerful platform for freelancer’s finances and growth. She has worked for some renowned companies as a Brand and Digital marketing associate. You can follow Refrens.com on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


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