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SemRush Vs Ahrefs – Which SEO Tool Should You Use For Your Agency

semrush vs ahrefs

SemRush and Ahrefs are both popular SEO tools that can obtain valuable information about your competitor’s backlink profile, keywords rankings, ad campaigns, organic search visibility, and more. There are many similarities between the two platforms but also many differences that can make one or the other the better choice depending on your specific needs and goals.

Our Digital Marketing Services Hyderabad experts have conducted a study to give you an unbiased overview of each tool to help you pick the best option that meets your business needs. So let’s get into it:

Let’s Understand These Tools


Semrush is a one-stop shop for all suites of marketing tools and search engine optimization (SEO). With SEMrush, it’s easy to find out what clients are undertaking organic search engine optimization efforts, the budget spent per month, and the keywords they are targeting.


Ahrefs is a competitive marketing intelligence platform. It helps agencies, website owners, and bloggers track their competition to get more visibility and grow their websites. Its ability to spy on competitors’ backlinks and identify which keywords they rank for is well known by marketers.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs – Key Differences in Features

With both sites being extremely popular amongst SEO experts, it can be difficult to decide which site is the best option for any individual. Let’s compare these tools & see which is best for your agency.

1. Keyword Research


Semrush is popular for its keyword research tools. Semrush is known for its keyword research tool and the accuracy of search volume data, which is an important metric in both SEO and PPC campaigns.

The Keyword Overview report summarizes monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC and PPC competition, top-ranking pages, keyword history, ad copy, etc.


This tool allows you to generate thousands of keyword ideas for your parent topic. You can also see key keyword metrics like search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC. You can access data on subtopics like questions, keywords similar to your parents, and newly discovered keywords.

Ahrefs’ unique feature is its ability to show you the search volume for the target keywords and the clicks metric.

2. Backlink Analysis


To get a deeper insight into your link profile, click on the number of total backlinks or the number of referring domains to access the Backlinks Report.

Other backlink metrics can be viewed for your sites, such as backlink types (text or image) and top anchors. You can also view link attributes (dofollow or nofollow), top anchors, and categories of referring sites, among other things.


Ahrefs has always had a strong backlink analysis, whereas Semrush could not offer it for many years. Ahrefs’ expertise and experience in this field allow them to innovate faster, providing users with a clear UI that displays comprehensive backlink data.

3. Technical SEO Audit


This tool can be used to perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your website and assess the SEO health of your site. Site Audit contains more than 130 SEO checks. These include common issues such as title tags, h1 tags, meta descriptions, and images and complex issues such as format errors in sitemap.xml file files.


This tool crawls every page on your website and analyses it for 100+ pre-defined issues. Ahrefs will provide a score and charts highlighting key information, identifying any SEO problems, and recommending how to fix them.

Ahrefs can provide a good picture of SEO issues on your site, but it takes time to scan the website and generate an audit report.

Semrush’s site audit tool is also easier to use and more accurate. It includes additional features like crawl comparison, historical charts, etc.

4. Pricing Plans

Semrush offers 3 main pricing plans:

  •   Pro: $119.95 per month
  •   Guru: $229.95 per month
  •   Business: $449.95 per month

Ahrefs comes in 4 varieties:

  •   Lite: $99 per month
  •   Standard: $179 per month
  •   Advanced: $399 per month
  •   Enterprise: $999 per month

Ahrefs may provide the right SEO tools if you want to improve your search ranking. If you use Google Ads, you might find the PPC Keyword Tool by Semrush invaluable for optimizing your ads campaigns’ results. Reach Digital Marketing Services Hyderabad and let our experts help you choose the suitable tool.


So the answer to the question is that there is no conclusive answer as both tools can do well independently and be used differently. Another way to utilize these tools is to go for Digital Marketing Services Hyderabad. The experts of (company name) have years of marketing experience and let you utilize the best tool per your business needs. Reach us today!




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