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Top 3 Paraphrasing Tools For Unique and Effective SEO Writing

Top 3 Paraphrasing Tools

Best 3 Free Content Rewrite Tools For SEO

Writing a unique, authentic, and informative essay is quite hard. You need to do extensive research, formulate unique sentences, and make sure there is minimum plagiarism in your work.

Writing becomes extra tough when you have to elaborate on some existing concept on which a lot of stuff has already been written. In such cases, most people tend to use paraphrasing as a solution.

However, paraphrasing on your own takes up a lot of your time and energy plus there is always a risk of drifting away from the central theme or idea.

What you can do is you can use free online paraphrasing tools for this purpose. These tools save your time and energy while you write your school or college essays.

Why Use Paraphrasing Tools?

Paraphrasing tools are quite effective when it comes to rewriting some material with unique words and phrases that contain zero plagiarism and are true to the main theme of the text.

These tools save a lot of your time which you waste thinking about new ways to describe a certain sentence or paragraph. With the help of these tools, you can write essays that contain zero plagiarism.

Paraphrasing tools can work with entire documents simultaneously and generate text without any grammatical errors, and with high readability.

Using these tools, you can write both academic essays and non-academic content that belongs only to you and is more informative, rich in emotions, and informative.

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#1. Paraphrasingtool.ai

This all-in-one paraphrasing tool is ideal for students who wish to write essays that contain no spelling or grammatical inconsistencies. This tool can generate unique ideas, summarize lengthy paragraphs, and check both the plagiarism, as well as grammatical errors in your text.

This tool can rephrase about 1000 words simultaneously and there is no limit to the number of times you can use it for free. This tool offers two boxes side by side. One is where you paste your text and the next to it is where you see the changes.

You can perform paraphrasing of the same text any number of times and the tool will generate unique ways to write it every single time.

You can use this tool to improve your writing style, get rid of plagiarism, change the tone of your material, and increase the readability of your text.

Best Features

  • Very quick plagiarism detection
  • An AI content generator for creating new ideas
  • The text summarization feature reduces the lengthy text efficiently
  • Supports a huge number of languages
  • Rewrites content with near-human readability
  • Easy steps to perform paraphrasing operation

#2. AI Article Spinner

This great paraphrasing tool can be used by students to write essays and thesis, for creating content for e-commerce, and for writing articles for your blogs and websites.

The tool is free to use and it supports more than 20 languages from all the major countries of the world.

This 100% free tool is very easy to use. You just have to copy the text, past it inside the designated box, click on the button “Paraphrase” and in a matter of seconds, you will get the unique version of your old text.

This tool allows you to write essays with near-human readability. The sentences seem organic and easily understandable. You can choose a number of operations to be done on your text.

You can go with human or AI paraphrasing, plagiarism remover, or fix grammar and sentence structure. All these options are available on the main page and are easily accessible.

With the help of this effective AI paraphrasing tool, you can easily write content that is different but consistent and engaging at the same time.

Best Features

  • Can fix your sentence structures
  • Very fast rephrasing of large texts
  • Easy 3-step conversion of the material
  • Can be used for SEO and blog posts
  • Produce different versions of the same text

#3. Rewording.io

This amazing AI paraphraser can transform a text containing about 10,000 characters in a matter of minutes. You can either convert separate text or you can upload an entire document in this tool which saves a bunch of your time and energy.

This tool offers a very useful filter feature that allows you to retain parts of your text and convert the rest. Unlike most free tools, Rewording pays extra attention to removing plagiarism from your material.

This tool has been found to be effective for writing emails, college essays, and SEO-friendly content for your blog or website.

This tool is very simple to use and there is a manual delete button at the top that allows you to remove your text once you are done paraphrasing. This way, your content stays secure.

The tool is free to use and there is no registration process or subscription fee required to use it which makes it ideal for students. You can save a lot of your time while writing unique essays with this tool since it doesn’t take long to generate content.

This tool comes with a foolproof privacy policy which is aimed at giving you the most secure paraphrasing experience with minimum interruptions.

Best Features

  • The tools offers minimum ads and distractions
  • It can convert about 10,000 characters at the same time
  • Generates highly readable and engaging essays
  • Removes plagiarism
  • Can be used for academic as well as business writing

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Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best tools that you can use while paraphrasing your college essays. These tools make sure the content you get is readable, accurate, and consistent with the central idea.

We have picked these platforms after carefully looking at various factors that make certain paraphrasers better than others such as paraphrasing speed, security, ease of use, and user interface.

So, try out these great tools and we assure you that you will soon be able to write articles that stand out from the crowd. we hope this article has helped you in some way and we wish you all the very best for successfully writing amazing college essays in the future.


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