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Why Businesses Should Use Online Directories for Link Building

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The internet has become a vital part of business and personal lives. For example, almost all companies rely on the web to help them advertise, market their products and services and generate leads. However, this reliance has created a problem, competition for valuable search engine rankings. Most websites never get found on Google’s first page. If you want your site to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to build links, or backlinks, as they are called.

What Is Link Building?

What exactly is link building? It’s about gaining links from other websites that point back to yours. This allows search engines such as Google to see that people are linking back to your site with authority because they trust your site’s opinion.

Backlinks also showcase the content uploaded on your website comes from someone trustworthy and reliable. This places you as an expert in front of others, meaning Google will give your website priority when listing on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

You can also use link building as an opportunity to get a more loyal audience for your site. When readers visit your site by clicking on backlinks, you can encourage them to subscribe to your newsletters and convert them to your loyal audience.

Understanding How Link Building Works

Link building is a type of SEO that involves creating links from other websites to yours. Link building helps increase your website’s visibility in Google and other search engines, which means more people can find you online. Google’s top-ranking results have an average of 3.8 times more links than the average web page.

Link building can take many forms, including social media promotion such as Facebook or Twitter ads. You can also create content for others’ websites in exchange for them linking back to yours; this is known as guest posting or contributor posts (a post written by someone who isn’t an employee of the site). A third option is

submitting your website to directories, where other sites will include it within their listings.

The Importance of Reputable Links

More than two-thirds of search engine optimization professionals believe backlinks significantly impact rankings. Links from reputable sites are more likely to be clicked on.

Businesses that invest time and money into building a solid reputation in their industry become trusted sources of information for their customers. That trust makes it easier for them to get people to click on links they post online, which can lead directly to conversions or sales—and eventually, more traffic directed toward your website.

The Benefits of Using Online Directories for Building Links

Link building is an integral part of SEO, and getting links from high-quality directories can significantly increase your website’s traffic. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Easy to use: Getting links through online directories is easy. You have to submit your site for review and wait for approval. You can also find a lot of directories that allow you to directly submit pages on your website or even provide automated submissions for many sites at once.
  • Free and paid options: There are all types of online directories, paid and free. Hence, you don’t need to worry too much about the budget when strategizing business listing on directories. The business listing will make it simple for local customers to find your business, along with all the details that can help them make the right decision.
  • Effective: As long as you are using quality directory resources, they can be effective in increasing traffic because they have many visitors who use their sites regularly as reference sources when conducting research or looking up information. Approximately 46% of all Google searches are performed by people searching for something local. By listing your company on online directories, you can reach these searchers and make them your customers.

Using Variety to Create Stronger Links

While there are multiple ways to build links for your website, using online directories is one of the best and most straightforward ways. Google has indicated that backlinks to a website are one of their top three ranking factors. To build links to your website or blog, you should use all three types of directories:

  • Submissions
  • Paid directories
  • Social directories

These three directories will create a greater variety of backlinks for your website, which is the key to ranking better in search engines.

Another way to use these different types of directories is by using them for different pages on your site. For example, if you have a product page on your site that sells online products, then list that page in as many social and paid directories as possible. Also, add a link from each directory back to the home page so it will be easier for people interested in buying those products later on down the line!

How to Use Online Directories

The first step in using online directories is choosing an online directory that fits your business needs. There are many different types of online directories available today, including niche-specific directories. Selecting an appropriate directory will ensure you get high-quality backlinks from reputable websites.

Once you have chosen an appropriate directory, you must submit your site for review. Most online directories allow businesses to submit their sites for free or charge a small fee for submission. Before submitting your site, you should always check the terms and conditions to avoid unexpected future charges.

After submitting your site will typically take between two weeks to six months before it gets reviewed and approved by staff members at that particular directory site. However, some sites may review submissions faster than others depending on factors such as how busy they may be in that specific period.


As you can see, link building is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Data shows that 94% of consumers have looked for information about a local business on a business information site. This means it’s perfect for companies that want to improve their ranking and increase sales through organic search. However, many companies don’t know how to create these links independently. Luckily, plenty of online directories can help with this process. This article covered why these sites are so helpful for businesses looking for ways to build links quickly and easily without breaking the bank!


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