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What Are The Best and Free VPN for Hotstar?

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VPN is an abbreviated term for Virtual Private Network and is known for offering safe and secure online surfing without allowing users to leave their fingerprints on the last used websites. most of the time, users prefer to visit various websites or applications like HotStar, SonyLiv, and many others to drive their stress away from them through the mode of entertainment. Now, once the users log in or sign in to these websites then, there are chances that they might get attacked by intruders on their devices. So, in this article, we are going to write down some details associated with the best and most free VPN for the HotStar application or website.

List Of The Best and Free VPNs for Hotstar:

Here is the list of the best and top free VPNs that users may utilize for the smooth functioning of the HotStar application without leaving their prints over the application history.

Hence, the best and free VPNs are as follows:

1. Express VPN

Express-VPN is one of the highly recommended and streamed Hotstar VPNs and thus, it can b utilized for streaming this website from any corner of the world. Now, talking about the servers associated with this Express VPN then, they are about 3000 spread in approx 90 countries and this includes the Hotstar locations as well. Express VPN is known for providing guaranteed, reliable, and somehow superfast connections to its users.

Express VPN is also known for providing an automatic kill switch along with a strict no-logs policy. Express-VPN has advanced features like a built-in ad blocker that shortstops the ads and is also responsible for stopping the malware from bugging movie binge and their devices.

Using a single subscription to Express VPN, the users could easily stream over 5 devices simultaneously. You can easily get this software at a cheap rate with the help of ExpressVPN coupon codes and discount deals. All you have to do is apply the coupon and then you will be able to get some additional discount on your shopping.

Some of the best and outstanding features of Express VPN include the following:

  1. Impressive unblocking capabilities
  2. Unlimited bandwidth
  3. Incredible speeds
  4. Unlimited data for streaming
  5. Encryption facilities according to the AES 256-bit encryption technique
  6. IP leak protection along with DNS protection
  7. 30-days money-back guarantee
  8. Can block: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, Vudu, and many more.
  9. Compatible with devices executing upon Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Linux, Apple TV, and many more.

2. Cyber Ghost

CyberGhost offers the facility of a 24-hour free trial that the users may utilize for enjoying and taking the advantage of the premium functionality of this VPN. Now, testing the entire service package in one day is impossible for its users, what if the users get the chance to enjoy its services with 45-day money-back policies? This surely ensures the users that they may demand their refund anytime if they are not impressed with the VPN’s productivity.

Cyber Ghost is known for attaining an extensive server network of more than 7920 servers in 90+ countries that facilitates the users to steam the Hotstar by sitting in any corner of the world. Using the VPN, it becomes quite easy for the users to unlock the applications or videos from Netflix, Hulu, Disney, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime videos, easily.

Some of the advanced features associated with the Cyber Ghost VPN are as follows:

  1. Lighting fast speeds along with unlimited bandwidth
  2. Video streaming with no logs or buffering
  3. Top-notch security
  4. The ability to keep data protected
  5. Automatic-killing switch
  6. 256-bit encryption facility
  7. Zero video slowdown
  8. 7 device connection simultaneously with a single subscription
  9. Compatible with devices including Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Roku, and many more

3. Windscibe

Windscibe VPN is one of the best free VPNs for Hotstar and is well-known for its highly advanced features like the availability of 10 GB free data and 5 GB extra data over other offers. This data is almost suitable for streaming and watching 10 videos.

Windscibe is known for having multiple servers in more than 10 countries including the UK, US, Canada, and so on. India is also listed in the list of these 10 countries and is also a premium user that allows the users to stream the videos and access to US, UK, and many more Hotstar libraries.

Some advanced features that allow this VPN to be the best and most suitable VPN for streaming Hotstar videos are as follows:

  1. Ability to stream the videos with minimal lags and buffering
  2. High-end and AES 256-bit encryption safety while video streaming
  3. Availability of built-in ad blocker
  4. Have R.O.B.E.R.T. that minimizes the risks and annoying pop-ups.
  5. Windscibe has an automatic kill switch along with a strict no-logging policy
  6. Reliability in speed and connections
  7. Zero lagging
  8. Built-in malware and tracking blocker
  9. Compatibility with entire operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and so on

4. Hide.Me

Hide.me VPN is also known as the best and most free VPN that allows users to stream Hotstar without logging in. This VPN has its servers in the US East, West Canada, Singapore, and the Netherlands for the free plan. This in short clarifies that the users only have access to HotStar US, unless they are premium users.

Hide.me VPN facilitates its users with 2 GB free every month which allows the users to stream videos for two hours in standard definition. The application is user-friendly and thus, allows only a single connection as the users may watch Hotstar on a single device.

Also, the availability of 24 * 7 hours chat supports helps the users whenever they face any concern while using the VPN. Here is the list of the advantages that the users may attain while using the hide.me VPN for streaming online videos on Hotstar with a reliable speed online stream. This video streaming is completely free from ads.

The advantages of the hide.me VPN are as follows:

  1. Security with 256-bit encryption
  2. Reliable speed
  3. Strict no-logs policies along with an automatic switch for ensuring anonymity and security to the users.
  4. DNS and IP leak protection
  5. The split tunneling feature also helps in encrypting the traffic
  6. Available 24-7 live chat
  7. Zero logging
  8. Split tunneling
  9. Speedy streaming

5. TunnelBear

TunnelBear VPN is also one of the best free VPNs for Hotstar that allow users to stream Hotstar easily. It is known for having servers in more than 40 countries too with free plans. The countries list also has India so that the users may gain the access to the Indian library as a whole.

TunnelBear also offers a range of 500 MB per month as a data transfer limit that is quite sufficient for streaming video in standard definition. The data limit doesn’t stand here; the users may get extra data using multiple methods.

The VPN is famous for providing a speedy and reliable streaming ability that ensures that users may stream their videos with minimal buffering.

So, in addition to these, here is the list of the advantages that the users may attain by utilizing this VPN for streaming Hotstar videos:

  1. Reliability in speed
  2. Video streaming and playing in minimal buffering
  3. Easy access to Hotstar
  4. 5 devices can be connected using a single subscription plan
  5. Safety with AES 256-bit encryption
  6. Zero lagging policy along with protection towards the network
  7. Ability to block the traffic from compromising the network
  8. Chat Support facility for all 24*7 hours

6. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is one of the special and best VPNs that offer unlimited data to its users so that they can stream Hotstar. This VPN offers its servers in three major locations including UK, India, and Canada too with free plans. These server locations ensure that the users can easily get access to the US library associated with Hotstar. Also, the users require premium VPN plans for accessing the Hotstar libraries from UK, India, and Canada.

Although Proton VPN is known for providing an unlimited data limit to its users it has limited bandwidth over free plans. Also, streaming the Hotstar videos with Proton VPN allows the users to enjoy streaming with incredible and deliberate speed and in HD quality too.

Proton VPN can keep users safe and secure with high-end encryption along with a strict no-logs policy. The Proton VPN is known for having multiple protection features like an ad blocker that stops the ads from interrupting the video streaming over the Hotstar application. Apart from this, the adblocker feature of this VPN can block harmful malware from harming the users’ data in any form.

Hence, keeping these details in mind, here is the list of the advantages and features that the users may enjoy through Proton VPN:

    1. Unlimited data for video streaming
    2. Adblocker or blocking the ads, malware, and many more
    3. High-end encryption
    4. No-log policy
    5. Working ability with Hotstar, YouTube, and Kodi
    6. Compatibility with Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, Android

7. Private VPN

The private VPN is one of the best and most popular free VPNs that users may use for the HotStart application and website both. Private VPN is famous for offering its 7-day trial pack for its testing and having all the luxuries of premium users with no cutbacks.

Using the Private VPN, the users may access the entire libraries of Hotstar and may also switch their countries to access the libraries as much as they are willing to. This VPN is also known for its unlimited bandwidth along with the data transfer order that there are no caps on the limit of watching videos or shows.

Even, the users get a chance to enjoy the fast speeds of streaming and HD quality as well. also, the users’ experience gets doubled with zero buffering or lags. Private VPN provides AES 256-bit encryption and with this, the users also get military-grade encryption. The major features of Private VPN include IP leak Protection, multiple security protocols, and the major advanced protocol is Open VPN.

Other benefits or advantages of using the Private VPN are as follows:

  1. No limits on data and bandwidth
  2. Availability of server services in more than 60 countries
  3. The entire library associated with Hotstar is every time accessible.
  4. Fast speed of video surfing
  5. Video streaming in HD quality
  6. IP Leak Protection, auto-killing switch, Military-grade encryption
  7. Zero aging policy
  8. Working ability with HotStar, Netflix, BBC player, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, CBS, and many more.
  9. Compatible working with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and routers.


We hope that the information mentioned in the aforementioned is good enough for the users willing to purchase some of the best or free VPNs for streaming their online videos. The details mentioned in the aforementioned article also contain the advantages and advanced features associated with these VPNs.


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