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Social Media App Development: Features, Benefits and Cost


Features Of Social Media App

There are various types of social media apps, their features may also vary by content, targeted audience, and niche. Therefore, we are here for describing all the common features of various social media apps:

  • Sign up and Sign in: this feature allows users to create and set up their profile, and access it at any time.
  • Edit profile: this feature makes desired changes to the information submitted in the profile.
  • Account authorization: this feature enhances the security of the app and your social media account.
  • In-app messenger: this feature is useful to communicate and connect with your social media friends.
  • Photos, Videos, and Posts: this feature share your photos, videos, or what’s on your mind with your social media friends.
  • Search: this feature allows you to search for other social media users, pages, tags, and more.
  • Push Notification: this feature is useful to receive updates on new friend requests, comments on your posts, and other ongoing activities on your social media profile.
  • Location: this feature is useful to fetch your location and display your nearby friends or events.

Advanced Features of Social Media Apps

There are so many different social media apps available in the market. This includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. Each is known for some of its functionalities and features. So, if you are thinking to develop a social media app, ensure that it can be different from existing apps in some way or the other.

Here is a list of some advanced features that you can describe in your social media app.

Profile Customization

Users are always ready to make a unique impression on social media platforms. They desire to show the world how active they can be.

In-App Calls

This is one of the best features gaining huge popularity in the social media market. It gives users to call their connections through the app adds to their happiness. It also helps strengthen the bond they share.

Voice-enabled chat

The voice-enabled chat is a great option for text-based messaging. It is especially exciting than the traditional form of chatting. All the users have to do is speak and the message will be recorded. Audio-based social media apps are also available. The clubhouse is an example of a voice-based social media app.

Network Building

People use social media to increase their network and connect with more people across the globe.

Text Editors

A text editor can make their content more creative, engaging, and interesting.

Third-Party Integrations

Social media platforms are mostly linked to one another. You may share your WhatsApp stories on Facebook at the same time.

Building a social media application is not an overnight task; it needs a full-fledged team comprised of:

  • UX/UI designers
  • Developers
  • QA analysts
  • Testers
  • Project managers
  • Support providers

Social Media App Development Benefits:

Nowadays, Social media is everywhere. It is used by everyone. It offers many benefits to the business world by connecting people socially. It may consist of a lot of advantages that we are not still aware of. Below are the key benefits of a social app-

  • Traffic generation: Social media apps help to increase traffic in your business. It may attract potential customers to your enterprise platform. You can use the content to encourage your audience. With the improved SEO, you may increase connect easily with direct customers, the online visibility of your business, and generate more leads.
  • Boosting sales: With the social media app, you may offer sales support with native chats to your users. It may result in increasing engagement rates of customers. You may also monitor the conversations about your business. The app will also guide people to share their buying experiences with your company.
  • Increasing Brand awareness: With social media platforms, companies are now promoting their products or services efficiently. It permits them to express their values easily. It helps them to build relations stronger.

Social Media App Development Cost

When creating a social media platform, it is essential to understand that having an application is vital. Also, when we talk about the price, Keep in mind that most of the time it considerably depends on the developer you are hiring, on which programming language the developer is going to build the app, and which kind of application you want.

The social media app development cost includes.

  1. Fixed Price: It may include a legal contract between you and the company, which consists of all the necessary information, including budget, functionalities, and features that require developing an app. It may contain a detailed plan of an app development process. This procedure is not much use as you are bound to pay a fixed price for your app as demanded by the company.
  1. Hourly-based price– With this concept, you may require to pay money according to the hours spent on the app development process. It is more useful than a fixed-price contract. For that, you require to hire a freelancer to develop the application. There are several freelancing sites in the market from which you may employ competent freelancers at a reasonable price. Some of the relevant sites are.
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr

If we talk clearly, developing a Social media application, may cost you around $20,000 to $32,000.

Below factors on which the development cost depends:

  • User – Registration.
  • In-App Communication – User to user Chat options, and media sharing options.
  • Security – Basic Data Encryption.
  • Payment System Integration.
  • Portal for application Management – Manages user data.
  • User Interaction – SMS, Email, publishing to other social media platforms.
  • Some pages and tabs.
  • API’s
  • Security of User Data, App Security.
  • Publishing – Google Play, Appstore.

To decrease the application development cost, consider these few things:

  • What kind of social media application do you want?
  • Your Target audience.
  • Features you want in your application.
  • Be clear with the ideas and discuss them with the development team.


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