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8 Characteristics of Online Reputation Management


In marketing, whoever visits you or you are handling customers, they somehow influenced by other platforms. People reach you only after watching you on other programs or get influenced by other customers.  Your online appearance must be good to grow your brand’s reputation. Your online popularity can take your business to heights. When we say online, it can be anything social media, blogs, websites, news, reviews etc. What others say about you and your business makes an impact on customers. And people will say anything, some will say good about your business & some will give negative feedback. If you want to manage online reputation, you have to make sure this negative feedbacks could not harm your business reputation. In this article, we will discuss 8 Characteristics of online reputation management. So, let’s get started:

  1. Dynamic Tools for Online Reputation Management: The online reputation management tools are helpful. With the help of these tools, you can track your current online reputation and find the difference after using the strategies. These tools are getting day by day smarter and becoming more helpful for us to use. In today’s world, features like Artificial intelligence allow users to do accurate searches with accurate results. And you will wonder to hear that these tools will help you search for negative feedback about your business and convert them into positive ones. These tools also have analytics that can help in tracking your online searches. After getting the knowledge about tools, we are sure you will be excited to use these tools.
  2. Social Media Platforms and Influencers: In this digital world, social media builds an impact on everyone’s life & so does social media influencers. People listen to their favourite social media influencers and trust their choices. As it said, anything can make you or break you, so in the case of social media. Your brand’s online presence will impact your online reputation. To build your brand’s online appearance, you should use multiple social media channels & you can hire social media influencers advertising your brand or product. Before choosing the influencer, make sure you are choosing an influencer related to your niche. Before doing promotions through influencers, you need to know that customers are well educated. So, hire genuine influencers.
  3. Be Polite to your Customers: The helpful way to manage your online reputation is how you deal with your consumer. As we have already discussed, social media makes a huge impact & it’s very engaging. So be careful while responding to customers’ queries or complaints. In general, we use some brands because someone recommends us. People only suggest something to those when they like it. So if you treat them right and solve their queries, they will get more engaged with your brand. We should not focus only on sales but also on connecting with customers. Build a positive connection between you and your customer.
  4. Find a way to get rid of Trolls: Business or big brands faces many trolls on digital platforms. You should not need to respond to them. Now you will think that we have to reply to customers generously as discussed above and now it is mentioned that you do not need to reply to them. Do not get confused between customers’ complaints and trolls. Trollers do trolls intentionally to tarnish your brand’s reputation, whereas complaints are where we can make our brand better. If you are getting too much negativity, then use the Reply only twice rule. Anyone who comments negatively more than that does not entertain them. Google fetches the content that gets more clicks as Google find it relevant. Hence do not give them attention and ignore them.
  5. Use More of Video Content: If you are a digital marketer, you will know that content is the king. Whatever platform you are using, make sure your content is relevant. The content could be in any form. It can be video, website, blog, infographic, reviews. Many brands prefer to share video content through mobile phones as the study suggests video viewing users through mobile are worldwide. Use personalized video, 3-D video as people are searching the video content according to their queries. People are more likely to view a video rather than searching and reading on Google. Video marketing is a trend & you should also follow this like many social media platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook) use this strategy.
  6. Strength of Employee-Reviews: People look for reviews if they want to buy something or search for a hotel to stay. People prefer those who have higher reviews rather than big names. In simple words, online reviews are the key to managing online reputation. Not only client reviews, but employees’ thinking about the brand is equally important. Find a way to get what your employee’s think about your brand. Taking client and employee feedbacks together & you will see an improvement in your business. Build an environment where your employee can freely suggest you something and use forums for taking employee reviews.
  7. Open for a conversation on Social Media with your Audience: You have created multiple social media pages for your brand. But it is of no use when you are not connecting with your audience. Getting engaged with your customers will lead you to build an online reputation. You can offer people deals, provide them coupons or make yourself engage by replying to their comments. This way, you can make a connection with customers. You can also ask them for feedback after they take your service. More engagement will help in online reputation management.
  8. Appropriate Advanced Multi-Channel Strategies: People use multi-channels to check a brand’s online reputation like website, social media, blog posts & many more apart from Google. To maintain your brand’s reputation, you must follow multi-channel strategies and make your all platforms informative related to your business. Keep yourself updated with new techniques like voice search, image search. By following this, you can manage to build your brand’s online reputation.

Conclusion: Invest in online reputation management of your brand. You must follow the strategies as discussed above, whether it is content marketing, multi-channel, social media, online reviews and many more. You can likewise do digital marketing duties like link building, Paid ads on social media or Google. Monitor your online reputation and grow your business with these characteristics.

Author Bio:- Divya Parjapati is a content writer and blogger who formerly worked in Ranking by SEO for three years. Her Passion for elucidating people in all aspects of Digital Marketing, which flows through in the expert industry.


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