Mobile apps have become the staple component of modern lives. Whether you want to buy groceries, learn new fitness routines, or book an escape room in Bangalore, there is an app for every possible human need. If you have a unique app idea in mind and want to turn it into reality, then here is a comprehensive and detailed guide to your dreams! 

Let’s check out how you can design and develop your app:  

1. Get started with the idea. 

Now, this is an obvious one. Before creating an app, you need to conceptualize it. But how do you effectively draw ideas for an app versus just daydreaming impossible concepts? The answer is all around you. Every innovation in the world, be it a product or a service, was first created to solve some sort of a problem.  

So, identify the problem to which your app will be the answer. Observe around you and see what problems you think an app can potentially solve? Which one of your ideas can make life easier for many people?  Once you have found the answer to these, you can get started on developing the idea further.  

2. Research the competition that you’ll face.  

Now that you have identified a problem, the next task is to research and analyze the scope and the competition that exists in your target market. You need to have a clear understanding of every aspect regarding the market, the demand, and the scopes for your idea so that you can accordingly plan your strategies.  

Don’t be disappointed if you find that there are already many apps that cater to the same need. Instead, take that as a good sign since it proves that there is a widespread need for this type of solution. Instead of stepping back, you need to brainstorm ways in which you can make your app stand out from the rest.  

As you do your research, make sure to check the following factors about the apps: 




                 iv.App publisher 

                 v.Last update date 

                 vi.Number of downloads 

After finding out all these, create a comprehensive spreadsheet to analyze the data that you have gathered. Noting these factors about your competitors will enable you to choose the right set of features in the development stage of your application.  

3. Chalk out the features for your app 

Now you need to focus entirely on the features that you want to pack in your app. This is where you utilize market research to see what are the most demanded features and how your competitors are answering that demand. 

The entire idea of the app, accompanied by its features, should be mapped in detail. This will make the task of the developer much easier and precise. Imagine the perfect app, and let it come to life!  

4. Check your app layout  

Now that you have the app layout, it is time for a thorough check. Go over your initial draft over and over again, eliminating any unnecessary feature until what you have left is a solid blueprint that highlights only the unique core features of the app.  

While drafting the basic design of your app, make sure that the features are more about functionality than aesthetics. You can always add aesthetic features as a part of later updates. But the utility aspect must come first to attract both users and investors. Also, keeping these factors in mind will help to lower your initial app development costs and keep them within a reasonable boundary.   

5. Create an irresistible design

Remember that designing your app is as important as developing it. The term ‘design’ here refers to so much more than just the mere outlook of your app. It takes into account the user experience of the app as well, which is a huge deciding factor of your app’s successful market reception.  

6. Hire a seasoned professional to develop/design your app 

The next big task lying ahead of you is to look for a potential developer and designer for your app. Look for an app development agency that has a solid and potential team to work for you. 

However, before you hire anyone, look for their credibility on the internet. Also, you can run a quick check on the apps that they may have designed and developed so far. This will help you know whether the one you are thinking of hiring is suitable for your needs.  

7. Create a developer account for yourself. 

The next task is to create a developer account for yourself in the app stores where you wish to launch your app. The registration process must be completed with utmost priority, as it is only after this that you can sell your app there.  

While registering for your developer account, you can either do it as an individual or under the name of your company.   

8. Take feedback seriously. 

Sit back and check the feedback that comes in the respective app stores after your app launch goes successfully. Take these feedbacks as crucial points to work on and develop the places where your app falls flat. 

The user reviews and ratings thus need to be studied and analyzed properly to check where your product can be improved for a better user experience. Keep on enhancing your app consistently to keep pace with your users and their demands.   

9. Updates are a must! 

As mentioned above, updating your app is a must if you want to stay relevant and keep your users happy. But don’t use user feedback as the sole source for updates. You need to be on track with market trends, your competitors’ moves and also be innovative with unique ideas to keep your app in the spotlight and ensure its longevity.  


Now that you have all the steps explained, it is time for execution! Remember, there are always going to be deviations from theory in practice. You will face challenges throughout the development cycle. And you might still struggle after the app is out in the market. Designing an app is all about consistency and perseverance. As long as you believe in your idea, your innovation will flourish. 

Author Bio:  Aniya more is one of the brightest content writer at https://breakout.in/. She is a passionate writer who loves to read books and explore different escape rooms. With a great work ethic, she spends most of her time researching and reading. When she is not working, she likes to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy watching her favourite tv show or walking her dog peanut. You can find her on LinkedIn.


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