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10 Biggest SEO Myths: Number 8 Will Blow Your Mind!

top 10 biggest seo myths

Search engine optimization comes with many myths and misconceptions that can be proved fatal if not used consciously just as beneficial they can be proved if done in the right way. With the advancement coming to Google daily, it is important to realize the myths that will be proved to hinder the growth of the company. 

Therefore proper optimization becomes very important for the company, one wrong step can penalize the website and reduce the traffic to the website.

To generate maximum traffic and leads to your website one should know the appropriate and legit techniques to nurture the business Online.

You can bring organic traffic to the website by busting the below-mentioned myths.

Let’s learn the top 10 SEO and should avoid in 2021 – 22.

  1. )Targeting keywords 

Earlier hummingbird was used, which encouraged producers to adopt the new ideas and mindset that benefits the users but its effects are still visible.

According to the Google webspam team, the majority of the web searches were predicted to be influenced by the hummingbird. The hummingbird algorithm really did was, it stressed the importance and the need of knowing the possible reasons behind the keywords and then clearing the content to meet the end.

  1. )  Google analytical report

The most common fear among the business is the google analytical report. These businesses feel their sitewide rate to be high and the time spent on the page is low, as a result, Google will,l rank their website lower than the competitors.

This is the most common doubt among them, but they need to clear the misconception as google does not use google analytical data to rank any website. Tinking logically google using analytics would be hard to monitor, it also needs to understand the probable ways in which google analytics is configured. 

 3.) Sandbox effect

According to some SEO professionals, Google suppresses the new websites in the search results and does not allow them to rank freely.

This argument is supported by many professionals in the form of debates and tweets. But seeing both sides’ arguments,  there does not seem to be a certain period when Google suppresses the new websites and ranks the page according to the quality of the content. 

4.) Duplication of the content 

Another common myth about google SEO is that, if the content on your webpage is duplicated or copied from some other website then google penalizes you for the same. For the above argument, you need to understand the difference between algorithm suppression and manual action. 

Manual action occurs in a situation that results in the removal of the webpage from the Google index, whereas in algorithm suppression page rank is hampered as a result of the filters getting caught from an algorithm.

Therefore there is no penalty and it is not the algorithms doing. However, there can be some legal action if the content is used without permission and it can also defame your website.

  1. ) Domain age

Another argument in the market is that because a website has been around for a long time, therefore, it must rank well among the others, thinking age to be a major ranking factor.

For example, if a website has lived for 20 long years it should acquire a high volume of customers due to its better ranking and volume of backlinks to its webpage.  The argument completely holds to be baseless as a 3-year-old website will give an equivalent competition to the website.

6.) Longer the content the better the ranking

This is something every profession agrees on and has advised every new webpage to ponder on to get better at ranking.

Having more words makes your content worth reading but it does not guarantee top rank. A lot of studies by professionals have shown the reasons for the top web pages to hold their position. Their studies found no such facts about needing 1500-2000 words to rank number 1. It happens to be a coincidence that the top rank happened to have more words than the page ranking at 10 – 11. 

7.) Bounce rate 

Bounce rate includes the percentage of the visitor visiting the webpage which results in no interaction beyond the landing webpage. 

Many SEO professionals argue it to be the ranking factor to measure the ranking of the webpage.

But it is not the appropriate way to measure the webpage quality and the quantity. Many visitors land on the web page and leave the webpage without any interaction.

Visitor Clicking on a search page and returning SERP is a more appropriate indicator to measure the quality and the quantity of the landing page. 

8.) Website migration

This myth is also something we have heard a lot from. The professional while migrating from one website to another one needs to keep in mind to redirect the URLs. Website migration is one of the most complicated procedures in entire search engine optimization. 

A website change includes changes in layouts domains or content. In all the cases several aspects affect how the search engine perceives the quality and the quantity of the web pages. 

Therefore the myth holds as website changing is significant in measuring the quality of the website.

9.) Seo time duration 

We have seen many people believing in the fact that it takes 3 months for the search engine bots to process it. IIt of course takes some time to analyze the positive and the negative aspects of the search engine.

In the competitive market targeting the important aspects to rank better on the Google SEO. Although it takes time to get a ranking at first but would be inappropriate of us to measure the success just in a time frame of 3 months.

10.) LSI keyword

Latent semantic indexing (LSI)  is a technique that allows the text to be analyzed and the relation to be identified. Different words form different meanings when paired with different connotations. 

Therefore it becomes important for the machine to understand the content and link the entities.

Hence it is true to simply say that Google is much more than just the words and understanding it is difficult.


So after busting all the myths I believe you now can be assured that proper work and the right approach can help you achieve your desired results. So do not let anything come in between and keep moving forth and keep learning.

shiv guptaShiv Gupta started his journey in the digital marketing world at the age of 17. He grabbed deep knowledge of the industry and earned multiple awards. Incrementors was founded by him to provide the best marketing solution to struggling businesses with a goal to help them achieve higher sales and conversions. Incrementors don’t give fluff or “high-level” advice. They just give an insanely actionable plan that works.


  1. These days, SEO information abounds on the Internet, bookstore shelves, and just about anywhere you look or listen. Most SEO myths have one thing in common: someone, somewhere, is usually profiting from them. As a result, don’t anticipate these falsehoods to vanish anytime soon. With the above tips, we educate learners to distinguish between reality and fiction.


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