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How To Create An Invoice Online – A Beginners Tutorial

Invoicing is one of the most crucial components of running a successful business, yet it’s also one of the most neglected. It is undoubtedly one of the most difficult bookkeeping jobs that small business owners have to deal with. Multi-tasking and bookkeeping abilities are required while chasing down clients and ensuring that all payments are paid. For most organizations, switching to online invoicing is a terrific way to make these routine duties easier.

When compared to any other type of offline invoicing, an online invoice generator is significantly more efficient. Every paper operation in a typical business model is full of administrative procedures and peculiarities. Furthermore, it is time demanding, making online invoicing the best option to consider.

Moreover, if you’re a lone trader who has just started a business or plans to start one soon, you might be asking how to make an invoice.

Before offering goods and services, every business owner should ask themselves this question.

We’ve put up this detailed beginner’s guide to assist you. It includes everything you’ll need in a simple invoice, including:

Unfortunately, using paper and excel sheets to create invoices isn’t the most effective way to improve the billing process. For organizations, an online invoice generator is the best way to go. Despite its numerous advantages, many entrepreneurs are still hesitant to use online invoicing generators for their operations.

Why Should Your Business Use an Online Invoice Generator?

An invoice is a legal document that records transactions between you (the seller) and your client (the buyer).

Using an online invoice generator will benefit both you and your clients in a variety of ways and solutions related to taxation, financial, and legal categories. When you create a detailed invoice, you will be able to protect both yourself and your consumer.

Moreover, You can select from a variety of designs and layouts to find the one that best suits your company’s image.

Not only does using an online invoice generator save time, but it also saves money on paper, stamps, and envelopes. In addition, using a paperless invoicing method eliminates the need for documentation and capacity.

Hence, there’s no excuse to start using online invoice generators right away.

What Kind Of Invoices Should Your Business Use?

Small businesses can send a variety of online invoice templates to their customers, while the type and style of the invoice you should choose will eventually depend on your industry.

The standard template invoice is the most commonly utilized type of invoice by small businesses. This invoice can be used in practically any sector and includes the total amount due for the goods or services provided. It usually also includes information like an invoice number and your and the client’s contact information.

What Should Be Included In a Simple Invoice?


When creating an invoice for a small self-employed firm, you can go as simple or as creative as you want.

However, there are some must-have’ data that you should include in each and every invoice you create:

A unique invoice number is one of the most critical pieces of information that you must provide in every invoice you make. This number is used to keep track of and submit invoices, which is particularly useful if you ever need to send them to HMRC.

It’s ultimately up to you how you number your online invoice. While some sole traders provide particular reference numbers for each individual client, others prefer to number them in chronological order to make things easier. Regardless of how you number your online invoices, ensure the unique invoice number is visible.

The date you prepared your online invoice is another crucial piece of information that should not be overlooked.

You also might want to include the supply date, which is the date on which you delivered the items or supplied the services. This is essential for both collections and personal accounts because it allows you to swiftly refer back to earlier online invoices if needed.

You should’ve already decided on payment conditions with your client before sending an online invoice, but it’s always a good idea to write them down again on the online invoice. This will help you to know when you should expect to get paid and inform your client when they must pay you.

While the word ‘net 30’ is frequently included in online invoice payment terms (meaning you wish to be paid within 30 days of the invoice date). Though your particular payment terms will vary depending on your business and client relationship.

Even if your client is well-versed in your identity, there’s a good possibility their accountant isn’t. On all of your online invoices, make sure to include your firm name, address, and contact information (such as an email address or phone number).

It’s best to make your company name large or bold so it sticks out at the top of your online invoice; alternatively, include your company logo. This will make it easier for your client (and, if applicable, their accountant) to figure out who they need to pay.

Naturally, you’ll need to include the name of the person or business you’re charging, as well as their address and contact information.

Each online invoice you generate should include a detailed breakdown of the products or services you’re selling. This doesn’t have to be overly extensive; it just needs to spell out exactly what your consumer must pay for. After all, how can you expect your client to pay for something if they don’t know what they’re being charged for?

You can choose to mention the number of products or the hours for the services given once you’ve supplied a short but descriptive description.

You must mention the cost per unit or your hourly rate for goods and services in addition to the amount of each product or service hours. You won’t be able to figure out how much you’re making if you don’t, and your client won’t know how much they owe if you don’t.

Next to the quantity/hours, including the pricing of the items and services. Then figure out how much you owe in total. Put this total next to the unit price or hourly rate, and then add together all of the totals to determine the total amount payable.

The Advantages Of Online Invoice Generator

For all of us, time is a valuable resource. However, time is money for tiny self-employed firms.

Invoices, on the other hand, are a terrific way to boost productivity and properly manage your time by keeping track of all of your payments. You may save time by preparing and delivering invoices in a matter of minutes if you use effective online invoicing software.

Hence, the 8 advantages of an online invoice generator are as follows:

  1. It is less difficult for the company

Filling out all those invoices manually at the end of the month is a waste of time. It’s also a problem that can be readily solved.

All of that laborious and time-consuming manual work is taken care of for you with an online invoice generator. You only need to enter a client’s contact information once, and it will be automatically loaded into the invoice with the click of a button.

  1. Easier for your customers

Just as you have a lot of bills to send out, your clients are probably getting a lot of invoices as well.

That invoice is simply another piece of paper in a never-ending pile of to-dos, no matter how important it is to your business and your client.

With an online invoice generator, you may assist to reduce the amount of clutter on your clients’ desks and enhance the possibility that your bills will be received more quickly and before they get lost in the shuffle.

Moreover, You’ll get your money faster if you make it easier for your clients to pay you.

  1. Instantly send invoices

The days of waiting for the postman to deliver your invoices are long gone. You may send invoices out immediately with an online invoice generator, regardless of the time or day of the week.

You won’t have to wait until the end of the month to handle invoices; instead, you’ll be able to send them out as soon as the task is finished, allowing you to get paid sooner.

  1. There’s no chance of getting lost

Whenever you send invoices in the mail, there’s always the possibility that they’ll go lost. If one goes missing, you’ll be left wondering why a client hasn’t paid you, despite the fact that they never received the invoice, to begin with.

Even if your bills make it through the mail to your clients, there’s still a chance they’ll misplace or forget about them.

Online invoicing removes potential issues while also saving a copy of your invoices for future reference.

  1. Professionalism

Online invoices lend a sense of professionalism to your business. It also eliminates the possibility of errors and discrepancies.

Online invoice generator gives the impression that your company is up to date with modern technologies. This will give your customers more faith in your company’s ability to provide high-quality products and services.

  1. Accessibility on mobile devices

You’ll be able to view your invoice anywhere, even while on the go, with an online invoice generator.

If you need to travel for a client meeting, you’ll be able to send them an invoice right away instead of waiting until you return to the office. You’ll be able to work from home or send a brief invoice on the weekend with little disruption to your schedule.

  1. There will be less paperwork

Your workstation is certainly crowded with documents, just like your clients’. This is not only inefficient but also prone to misplacement and forgetting.

By storing all of your invoices as data files on your computer, an online invoice generator avoids this difficulty. You’ll have quick access to them whenever you need them, without the trouble of sifting through stacks of paperwork.

  1. Enhancements to tracking abilities

You can be notified when your bills have been received by your clients using online tracking features. This is incredibly beneficial.

Since there will be a digital record about when your invoices were sent, there’ll be no excuse for clients not paying you. As with the mail, you’ll never be left wondering if bills arrived at their recipients.

In the odd event that you do not receive payment, you might use this information to support your claim of bad debt.

  1. Identity & Personality of a Brand

The identity of your company reflects your personality, professionalism, and experience. A small business must maintain regular contact with its customers. You have a better chance of getting paid on time if you enhance your identity. It has been discovered that adding your logo to your website improves payments by 3X.

By providing stunning invoice templates for online invoicing, an online invoice generator helps strengthen corporate identification. To boost brand visibility and brand engagement with existing customers, the company can include their logo, entire company details, and other personalized messages.

  1. Auditing & Financial Management

The dashboard of an online invoice generator gives you a quick snapshot of your financial activity and receivables. When evaluating financial information, this dashboard makes the procedure straightforward and time-saving.

You can preserve everything using an online invoicing system. Invoices, estimates, and other receivables are all accessible from a single dashboard. During tax season, you or your accountant can quickly establish whether you or your accountant are eligible for any tax deductions by reviewing your transaction history.

Thus, with these advantages of adopting an online invoice generator far outweigh the costs of setting it up. When altering your invoicing process, it’s critical to choose the proper invoicing solution with the right features.


Today’s market is highly competitive, whether you’re a small business owner, a startup founder, a freelancer, or a major corporation. Small and large businesses alike must look for methods to save time and money.

As a result, one method to go about it is to use an online invoice generator, which will save you a lot of time and money.

Furthermore, Refrens Invoice generator is the perfect alternative to consider if you want to simplify your accounting and invoicing process and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

You may use this to schedule your invoices, generate invoices at any time and from anywhere, and customize from a variety of templates. It also gives you real-world experience while making you and your company appear more professional.

So, instead of looking for something else, utilize Refrens’ online invoice generator to save time and money.

Author Bio: Hetvi works as a Product Associate at – Online Invoice Generator & India’s most powerful platform for freelancer’s growth. She has worked for some renowned companies as a Brand and Digital marketing associate. You can follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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