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5 Recommended SEO Tools to Help You Get High Rank in SERPs

5 Recommended SEO Tools

Some people believe search engine optimization is just about setting the right keywords, and you’re all set to achieve a better ranking. But in reality, there are several factors like crawling issues, fetching meta tags from a domain, etc.

Digital marketers and e-commerce brands heavily depend on SEO perks to maintain a mark in their online consumer market. So, no matter what niche you belong to, you have to follow a good SEO strategy to maintain an online presence. That’s where the SEO tools step in.

This article will provide an insight into some of the most helpful SEO tools to help you achieve a better ranking in SERPs. We will also discuss the working of these tools and how you can use them to improve the performance of your website.

1.   Prepostseo.com

It is convenient to find all-in-one solutions for your problems, and that’s what this site is all about. If you want a complete toolkit to maintain, monitor, and improvise your website’s ranking, then Prepostseo.com would be a recommended choice.

This tool offers a wide range of tools and services like backlink maker, Google indexer, Plagiarism checker, and 95+ other tools. Each set of tools and features is divided into writing, domain tools, and website management tools.

How Can We Use This Tool?

No registration or login is required for using the basic features. You can use this online toolkit as a guest user. The ideal thing about this tool is that most of its features are entirely free, so you won’t have to avail any online plan.

This website includes the DA/PA checker, which helps assess a website’s authority to state its ranking factors. It also provides free plagiarism and grammar checkers to provide a one-click solution for creating unique content.

Features of This Tool

  • It is available as a chrome extension for instant access using the web browser.
  • Provides free web content solutions like paraphrasing tools, image to text converter, and plagiarism checker.
  • Includes backlink generator and guest post generator to maintain the credibility of a website.
  • Most of the tools are free to use without any registration, making it a budget-friendly option for users.
  • Available in multiple languages to provide solutions without any regional restriction.

2.   Clickflow.com

Content is among the primary elements that define the ranking factors. With a tool like Clickflow.com, you can generate organic traffic for your website in just a few days. This tool helps write SEO-optimized content for your website to make it better readable for the audience.

How Can We Use This Tool?

In order to operate this tool, first, you’ll need to create an account and link your website with the Google Search Engine Console.

Once you’re done with these steps, this tool will provide suggestions on top growth areas that can help draw traffic to your website.

Features of This Tool

  • There are three main features of this tool that help generate SEO-friendly content. The main feature is the content editor used for the on-page SEO of your website.
  • Then there is the content decay feature that tells you about the web pages losing traffic over time and requiring improvements in certain areas.
  • You’ll also find the experiment section that displays the result of the ongoing experiments on your website. This feature lets you know about the number of impressions and clicks on your web pages.

3.   Softo.org

If you’re looking to manage your online work efficiently, you can rely on softo.org for technical tools, website optimization, and ranking content creation.

This website provides a complete toolkit for ranking improvement with more than 215 tools. Softo.org is the kind of tool that is useful for students, web developers, and SEO experts.

How Can We Use This Tool?

Softo.org provides a solution for almost every individual related to the online domain. Each set of tools has a variety of specified options in various niches. You can use this site as a guest user, which means your credentials are safe with you.

The most widely used tools of Softo.org include plagiarism checker, article rewriter, Domain authority checker, SEO checker, and grammar checker.

Features of This Tool

  • Health information tools for calculating BRM, Heart Rate, and Blood Type Calculators.
  • It also provides technical calculators support like shoe size converters and speed converters.
  • This tool is a one-stop platform for your business and finance solutions.
  • Students from the Education field can use editing and writing tools for their literature-related subjects.
  • Plagiarism checkers and article rewriters support a comprehensive set of languages.
  • All the above features are free to use from any platform or website.

4.   Keywordchef.com

If you’re looking for relevant long-tail or short-tail keywords that can assist you in achieving a better ranking, then Keywordchef.com can provide the best assistance. Using this tool, you can make the best meta descriptions for your web pages to fetch a better reach on the targeted audience.

How Can We Use This Tool?

First, you have to register yourself on the site for free and then log in to fetch the right keywords. The website asks for input of your seed keyword, which defines your content’s niche.

Once you have entered the keyword, apply the keyword research filter to find your seed keyword’s suitable pair of words. You’ll find words starting with best, most, how-to, etc.

Features of This Tool

  • This tool can quickly provide suggestions on suitable long-tail keywords.
  • The wildcard feature can be used to find relevant pairs of keywords with your seed keyword.
  • This tool performs real-time SERP analysis to find ranking content.
  • You can also find ranking keywords used in the top searched questions on search engines.

5.   Neilpatel.com

If you’re looking for a beginner-level SEO auditing tool, Ubersuggest can provide you with various services. This tool has multiple instant access options like domain analyzer, keyword finder, and backlink data provider.

How Can We Use This Tool?

You’ll need to log in to use this tool by entering your email credentials. Then enter any domain or keyword to fetch data relating to it. You can also select the preferable location of your target from the available options.

This tool provides the detail on the number of ranking keywords, domain authority, and a number of backlinks. It also states the cost per link, keyword search volume, and SEO difficulty of a domain.

Features of This Tool

  • This tool can be used to find a range of low-competition keywords.
  • You can also perform competitor keyword analysis to learn about the ranking strategy of your competitors.
  • The content idea tool helps find trending and ranking keyword-optimized topics for your website.
  • The site auditing tool helps you find errors in web pages to see any areas for improvement.
  • Backlink fetching allows you to find hundreds of websites for your domain that your competitors do not occupy.


Search engine optimized search engines and web surfers can recognize websites to secure a recognizable position among competitors. SEO is not based on a single factor; therefore, we have to look for specific areas to see where we lack in the performance of our website.


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